New heights were reached by the people involved in the Saving Sandfish fish rescue this year! After witnessing a very successful sandfish spawning migration, scientists and conservationists returned to the Biedouw valley for a fish rescue at the end of October. Thousands of baby sandfish were carefully netted and stocked into the Enjo Nature Farm dam, the Mertenhof Farm dam and a dam in the Bushmanskloof private game reserve.

In Dr. Jeremy Shelton’s words: “Over 4000 young sandfish were rescued and relocated to the dams at Enjo, Martenhof and Bushmans Kloof – to my knowledge the largest ever freshwater fish rescue in Africa!”

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Dr. Otto Whitehead carrying buckets full of baby sandfish for a stocking trip to one of the farm dams. They will be grown to a bass-proof size before they are released into the wild again.


Creating awareness: Saving Sandfish is going that extra mile by not only saving sandfish, but also creating awareness with sign boards, movies and posts on social media about this endangered fish.

To help the sandfish survive the next century, please visit the Saving Sandfish website and hit the donate button in the top right corner of the home page…


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