My last trip up to the garden route was a disaster fish wise.  Despite being my lucky new moon the rivers were practically fresh water from all the rain.  And COLD from the snow.  I measured Little Brak at 13 degrees.

But this gave me a great opportunity to explore some estuaries and areas I haven’t had a chance to-

Gerikes Point:
A hot spot for Mussel Cracker.  The sea was too big for me but I think on less than 1.5m swell it could produce well.

Gerikes Point

Gerikes Point Reefs

Red Rock Crab at Gerikes Point

Great Brak River:
Still as beautiful as I remember it.  Unfortunately it was a watery desert in the cold but its been open all winter and should produce this summer.

The Narrow Bridge at Great Brak

Beautiful Great Brak

The reefs at Little Brak Mouth:
Looked absolutely pristine for Belman.  Ill be back there this summer.

The Reefs at Little Brak Mouth

A legend in fly fishing circles.  Its now wide open.  Should be incredible this summer.

Goukamma River – Now Open


  1. Fred Davis 30 August, 2012 at 23:09 - Reply

    See you at Goukamma late Dec!

  2. George Thom 3 September, 2012 at 13:37 - Reply

    Shot! Can’t wait for Dec!
    Did you perhaps have a look at the gouritz, goukou, duiwenhoks and breede?
    Planning to hit them all from base(stillbaai) in December.

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