As some of you may be aware, some of the folks here at F&F are kinda fond of the “low life” side of things…In other words we like to chase dirty fish on feathers…Yup, we talking about Carp…In particular, urban carp…We’re not talking about the Golf Course pond variety, or the ones living in quiet country estates…We’re talking about the low down dirty thug variants that live in waterways often avoided by most folks involved in the grand old gentile game of fly fishing…
Carp have an amazing ability to invade and survive in urban waterways of varying water quality…Some of it’s damn right nasty…Their ability to find food, and survive in waters incredibly low in oxygen, but high in shopping trolleys, used condoms, supermarket packets and old flip-flops is amazing…And also puts them within reach of anglers living close to built up areas, and close to these urban “Thug Highways”…Fellow thug fans Pete and Leonard, like me, don’t consider it a proper “Carp Mission” unless we’ve had to park somewhere seriously dodgy, climb over a razor wire fence, get chased by a junk yard dog, step over a used condom or two, and spent at least half the time looking over our shoulder for rival gang-bangers…(Insert gratuitous over dramatisation here)


Thug Life…. bloods vs crips…. Crips won this one…

Seems kinda crazy to put oneself in these scenarios, but thankfully the quality of the fishing sometimes makes up for it…These thug fish match their environments perfectly…They can be as shifty and paranoid as a crack dealer, and as aggressive as a hyped-up tik-kop…And they fight like a crips enforcer, especially as their environments are generally pretty tight, with tippet snapping structure everywhere…Its a close quarters game, no holding back…And the odds are always in favour of the local thugs…

photo 2

Prerequiste gansta flat peak in action on a big dirty pot bellied Thug



Like most good hang outs in the hood, often a good idea to keep them from the prying eyes of the 5-0…Pete keeping it under cover getting happy with a true tank…


Its about as far as one can get from the calm, quiet, beautiful scenes the general public imagines when they hear the words “fly fishing”…Aint no tweeds and stream side lunches enjoying a nicely aged brie with a chilled bottle of Cianti…Shit, you’re lucky if you don’t get some kinda E. coli infection doing this!


Dre taking it back to the oldskool, with some Backwards Cap NWA styles and a thick booty ghetto girl…



Ghetto Gold….

But this low down dirty thug fishing is no less dirty than a thug addiction; it’s gangster…Hell, some of us heathens even enjoy listening to the ‘gansgta’ rap (shock-horror) that so suits this low-life pursuit…Which leads me to the reason I thought about writing this post…I came across some like-minded folk on the other end of the world, Ryan Russell (@projectcarpflyfishing) from Phoenix Arizona, who took a little trip to the true birthplace of ‘gangsta’ rap and thuglife…And met up with Matus Sobolic (@CaliCarpin) who just happens to love chasing carp in the urban rivers and concrete environments of the City of Angels, the City of Bloods and Crips, of Dr. Dre and Snoop, and the most ghetto fabulous carp on the planet…Los Angeles…

Ryan put this video together with the appropriate soundtrack from Notorious B.I.G., “Notorious Thugs”…Check out Ryan and Matt’s instagram to follow their exploits, and kick back, pop a 40 oz, and check out the vid…


  1. Ulrich 23 February, 2015 at 09:16 - Reply

    Very entertaining article,

    Now that I see your pictures, I believe I saw you at one of your “secret”spots on Saturday. You drive a Disco?

  2. Andre Van Wyk 23 February, 2015 at 12:33 - Reply

    Hey Ulrich,

    Yeah that would have been me mate… not a particularly “secret” spot that one, and certainly a much safer one… not particularly ghetto at all… but still plenty of trash, condoms and dodgy bergies on hand to make it interesting! 🙂

    The fish are also skittish as fok!!!

  3. Ulrich 23 February, 2015 at 13:05 - Reply

    Hey Andre,

    I have walked along the banks there a few times, with the wind blowing there the way it tends to, never though of giving it a try.

    Did you manage to catch anything on Saturday?

    If I am not mistaken, there used to be Kurper in there too?


  4. Andre Van Wyk 23 February, 2015 at 14:03 - Reply


    The wind is certainly a serious hindrance along that stretch… I swear if a ducks farts in Muizenberg, its blowing a gale along that stretch…. Makes sighting and presenting to fish a serious challenge ( and maddeningly frustrating ) most of the time, especially as the, being in the type of water, are seriously spooky of anything not presented perfectly… also because the banks are high, they see you very easily and spook…
    I got one decent fish on Saturday… had alsmot given up because of wind and water clarity, and the fish all being so spooky, but managed to spot a relatively relaxed cruising fish before he spotted me, and was able to present to him and got the eat… nice fish around the 3,5 – 4 kilo mark…
     photo IMG_7484.JPG_zps28u3xoir.jpeg” alt=”” />
    There are Kurper in there too, and Barbel… I’ve caught both, but the kurper ended up being foul hooked so can’t rely count that… they make the carp seem relaxed they so skittish! Haven’t quite cracked their code, still trying to figure out the Mud Bones..

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