MC Caddis  is the short abbreviated name we use for Macrostemum Capense. A  big bug on my home waters , and since agricultural & industrial pollution has wiped out the Golden Stones on most stretches , probably the biggest hatching bug we encounter. The larval form of this caddis is what the locals refer to as the “green rock worm” .


MC can also stand for March Caddis , since this is the month during which these caddis hatch the most. The bugs trickle off almost unnoticeable during the day and I suppose there is a more intense effort at dusk. Fishing a pupa pattern when the bugs are on can be a delicious affair.  The fact that the fish prefer the big #14-#12 pupa time-and- time again , despite the smaller offerings in your rig , is hugely satisfying and a clear indication that a hatch is on the go.

MC Caddis pupa immitations

MC Caddis pupa immitations

Pupa duped fish

Pupa duped fish

Like most caddis the adults live for some time in the streambank vegetation before finally returning for the mating flight and egg laying in the dark.  Some end up on the surface on windy days and the rest end up spent after mating. Fish can totally lose it if these caddis with their big wingspans are on the surface. I fish a #10 foam winged pattern as my dry in a dry-and-dropper rig which draw daytime fish to the  top with regularity. It is almost as if the fish are hungover from the “hatch”  , similar to the behaviour  of fish after big drake and salmon fly hatches. This pattern especially tick all the right boxes for fishing the “hatch” of spent bugs after the mating flight.

MC Caddis adult immitations

MC Caddis adult immitations


The real addiction to this hatch stems from the glorious short time before darkness when the bugs return to the water and fish ,including BIG specimens , rise prolifically and with complete carelessness.


I love the subtle porpoise of  big fish ,hardly visible on the pewter surface, the wild splashy rise of the small fish when they attack the dry  , the appearance of a big snout in a slow deliberate rise , the cool night air bringing out the fireflies , the sounds of fish on the surface in the darkness and the joy of realizing fishing a caddis “hatch”  like this doesn’t get much better …… anywhere.



  1. Conrad Botes 17 April, 2015 at 15:04 - Reply

    Great pics! I love the adult caddis fly. Low brow!

  2. Herman Botes 20 April, 2015 at 17:09 - Reply

    well , the best one is yours…

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