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Ed leerie

Big leerie

Nicola GT

Nicola GT 2

big fish in da boat

Big fish

Big skippie

False Bay fish

Africa's not for sissies 2

NZ harbour 6

NZ harbour 1

NZ harbour 2

NZ harbour 4

NZ harbour 5

Leda Wright mermaid style

Jean Tresfon white shark

Robberg nature reserve

White in False Bay harbour

white on rubberduck


goby fly

Goliath tiger

Too much fly tying

Salmon plane

Taimen 3

Taimen 1

Taimen 2

Africa's not for sissies

hippo charge

Ed yellow

Gee mister

Japan salmon - cherry trout

Christiaan GT


Fishing in the street

Adult responsibilities

Cat on

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  1. Glenn Moller 10 April, 2018 at 10:01 - Reply

    Hi, I live in Knysna, Western Cape and would like to Fly fish for salt water fish in the area.
    Do you have details of an experienced guide that you can recommend.

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