Drove 8 hours today to Upington and tomorrow morning I set off to base camp on my first ever multi-day drift trip with the guys from Mavunganga.  I missed two drifts with Ewan in similar territory, and I’m constantly reminded by his whatsapp profile pics featuring oversized yellowfish and incredible scenery.

He assures me that I’ll be ruined for Largemouth Yellowfishing forever the first time I set my eyes on the Richtersveld Valley, and I cannot wait.

Trip prep only started two weeks ago and I’ve since B10s and Muishonded myself half to death.  I even tied my first few dries.  Initially on freshwater hooks but later moved to Hayabusa japanese saltwater hooks- mutiny.

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  1. Leonard 11 September, 2018 at 09:42 - Reply

    Lekker Pete, good luck bru, those flies look awesome!

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