It was an incredible day yesterday.  No swell.  Not a breath of wind.  Had “sand sharks in the surf” written all over it.  I shot up the West Coast late afternoon and got straight to it.

Id tied one of those funny new flies you seen on the forums and thought id give that a try.  It was getting extremely frustrated as I foul hooked a whole bunch.  Usually the circle hook avoids that but sometimes the fish turn on it and the hook gets stuck on the wing. Which kept happening.  To make matters worse I hooked two fish properly that shot off in the awesome way they do (when hooked in the mouth), only to have them roll onto their backs to rid the hook.  Never seen that one before!

Eventually, as the sun dropped on the horizon the fish got more active and really sucked down on the fly.  This fish tried three times to get the fly before eventually inhaling.  Its first run was awesome and I got to see that long lost backing!  Even if only a few wraps.

sand sharks on fly

sand sharks on fly

sand sharks on fly

sand sharks on fly

We have a lot of fish locally that pull and put up a stubborn fight (grunter, blacktail, etc), but very few that run like these bad boys.



  1. Ray 1 September, 2014 at 10:36 - Reply

    Damn Peter, we got heaps of them here in Oman. Perhaps I need to expand my repertoire? Nice to see ya out of the office for a change!

    • petercoetzee 1 September, 2014 at 11:14 - Reply

      Ray! you guys have got the giant variety too! They’re awesome fun man.

      • Ray 1 September, 2014 at 12:48

        Yeah, like a couple of meters! 12 weight?

  2. conradbotes 1 September, 2014 at 15:33 - Reply

    Nice work!

  3. fdavis 1 September, 2014 at 18:36 - Reply

    But Ray, you have Permit too! 🙂

    • Ray 1 September, 2014 at 18:46 - Reply

      True dat, but if permit were sex, I’d have been a celibate monk last year!

      • fdavis 1 September, 2014 at 18:47

        Haha! I’d definitely be in trouble then 🙂

  4. nick van rensburg 2 September, 2014 at 12:33 - Reply

    Awesome work bru! Matt and I are super keen on doing a sandsharks on fly video! Pop me a message if your keen to maybe show us the ropes!

  5. Jimmy 7 September, 2014 at 03:17 - Reply

    Are we going to do the sandie thing this weekend coming?

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