“Sandvis, dis ‘n onderbekvis, hy byt nie aan ‘n hoek nie want hy’s ‘n onderbek vis!” (English translation: “Sandfish, it’s an ‘undermouth’ fish, he doesn’t bite on hooks because he’s an ‘undermouth’ fish!”), one of the farmers remarked about the sandfish on his farmlands while Jeremy and Otto were out and about trying to film these fish for the Saving Sandfish project.

The Saving Sandfish project is just getting better and better, mostly due to the hard work that Drs Jeremy Shelton and Otto Whitehead have put into it; after many hours in the field filming sandfish and their habitat in the Cederberg range they’ve compiled the first short film in a series about this scarce fish to create awareness and tell their story about their effort to save this species (they have a long way to go, so please give them your support – search ‘Sandfish’ on this website to find other posts with information about this amazing indigenous fish):


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