I have been tagging fish for ORI (the Oceanic Research Institute of South Africa) since 2008. During this time I had one of my tagged fish recaptured (and killed, a galjoen tagged at Blombos and killed at Jongensfontein).

Recently I had the privilege of catching a kob tagged by someone  else. Since it was dark I had difficulty reading the number on the tag (it was overgrown with weed). Luckily I remembered that there are two number on each tag, one at the bottom and on on top. So after nipping of the top cm of the tag and a few pics, the fish was released again (with the bottom number still intact).

The fish was free for 1025 days and was re-captured 57km from where it was originally tagged. It measured 446mm when it was tagged and grew 214mm until I re-captured it at 660mm.

Re-captured tagged dusky kob

Re-captured tagged dusky kob

It was tagged by the Department of Enviromental Affairs (Oceans and Coasts) at Koppie Alleen in the De Hoop nature reserve and I caught it again in the surf at Struisbaai.

It took a silicone mullet on an intermediate line.

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