Andre and I were on the hunt for snacks and headlamps in Manguzi this past week when I stumbled accross this. Mother of god.  I ran around the shop frantically until the manager told me where it was.  It took about 4 takes and some writing until I got it down.  Have checked the reports.  Seems to be consistent.



In the middle. Thats a Trach Blochii. A real life in the flesh indo Perm.










  1. Simon 3 April, 2013 at 04:58 - Reply

    G’day Pete.

    Are you sure they’re Trach Blochii? They look a lot more like Trach Anak. We get two “Indo Pacific permit” in Australia, Anak and Blochii. Anak is a little more elongated and has the big bump nose, and is generally found in more northerly parts (Broome, Cape York, etc.). The Blochii looks more like Falcatus, but with the yellower colouring, and is more southerly (Exmouth).

    • petercoetzee 3 April, 2013 at 08:07 - Reply

      Hey Simon, thanks for the comment! The top one is blochii. The bottom two are Trach Africanus. We don’t get Anak or Flacatus this side unfortunately. Hows the permit hunt going over there? If the exchange rate would behave itself id love to get over there. Need to tick off a Mookalee too (Indian pompano).

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