This post has been in the pipeline for a while (here’s Part 1), but the completion of this project was agonizingly slow. The finished product is absolutely everything I envisaged.

In terms of desk space, I elected to make it as open as possible to avoid clutter. Some of the essentials on the desk are Jimmy Eagleton’s fly caddy (Retro Fly Studio) and of course my J-Vice.

Almost every fishing item I own has it very own place and I found that these little hangers were a win. You can get in touch with the shop I found them at on the below link.

In addition to all the hanging space I got a whole lot of these plastic cylinders from Jimmy Eagleton a while ago and again they are fantastic for storing fly-tying materials efficiently while keeping them visible. When travelling it also makes it very easy to throw in a few zip-lock bags or tubes instead of hacking through all of your drawers to pack for the road.

Plenty boxes that store everything from hooks to moulded jigs in different stages of completion.

I had a few extra shelves that weren’t used so I used those foam kiddies play mat pieces (Mambos plastic warehouse) to make a movable fly board

I look forward to many happy hours in this space

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