Think you’ve got skills?

Want to see one of your patterns immortalized in South African fly tying like Herman Botes’s Papa Roach or Tony Biggs’s RAB? We’ve teamed up with Arno Laubscher of ScientificFly and Grip Hooks for a multi-issue fly tying competition where each category winner gets Grip fly tying material prizes of R500 and the overall winner gets both R3000 of prizes, plus their fly goes into production in the ScientificFly range.


Judges: Arno Laubscher, The Mission’s Editor-at-large Conrad Botes and former Protea fly fishing captain MC Coetzer.


Round 1 of 5:  Guidelines

  1. Tying Category: Generic freshwater minnow
  2. Target Species: Yellowfish, Tiger fish, Bass
  3. Fly Size Range: 2 – 4 inches
  4. No articulated fly shanks are to be used. An articulated fly shank category will run at a later stage.
  5. Grip Hooks: 30012, 53584BN, 21571BN


Ts & Cs

  1. Grip Hooks must be used
  2. Grip tying materials must be used but you are not limited to only Grip materials.
  3. ScientificFly reserves the right to tie any of the winning patterns commercially, credit will be given to the tier.
  4. Entries must be commercially tieable with regularly available materials. E.g. do not us unobtainable materials such as the ball hair from the left nut of an unborn ice bear cub.
  5. Entry must include:
    1. Hook style and size range
    2. List of materials
    3. Step by step photos
    4. Photo of the fly in the vice with Grip products in the background
    5. Preferably a photo of a fish caught on the fly
  6. The entrant may be required to send a few samples of the fly to ScientificFly upon request.
  7. Winners of each issue must send in 3 flies for grand prize consideration.
  8. Submit your entries to
  9. Cut-off date for entries is October 24.

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  1. Marius Udrics 16 November, 2022 at 12:29 - Reply

    Hi Tudor! My name is Marius and I live in Sweden. I am a passionate fly fisher and fly tyier. I tie flies and mainly fish for sea trout in Sweden. I am interested in participating in the contest (if it has not ended yet. I would like you to give me more details about the contest if it is still ongoing. You can find me on Instagram as doar_mecanicul. Thank you!
    Best regards

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